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Spring and Poetry

April 4, 2013

April is National Poetry it because the end of winter brings renewed joy, an awakening of the senses or of the spirit that can only be called ‘poetic’? In April 1998, when I was expecting my first child, I took the lead in organizing the (W)rites of Spring literary festival, in support of poetry, and the League of Canadian Poets, here in North Bay. With the help of Roger Nash, former LCP President, we put on a friendly and festive celebration of poets, reading and listening to poetry, and producing an anthology, titled Licking Honey Off a Thorn. I was big with child, in my 6th month, and felt equally full with poetic inspiration.

Now, I am a mother of a teenager and a tween, and my poetic inspiration continues, although with a more ‘grounded’ yet hopeful approach to life and literature. I find Easter Weekend a source of inspiration–a blending of ancient earth religions with powerful Christian imagery of sacrifice….and as a mother, I feel like I have a foot in both worlds.

I have written several Easter poems….I am working on a new one, “Easter in Belleville”. Here is an excerpt:

Dusk, the creek: mud-grey bunny hides in last year’s weeds,

blackbird flashes red epaulettes, throws down

notes, like hidden gold.  Azure-necked mallard plows brown stream

beneath a hill of sharp sticks, softened

by downy breaths of willow pods/pussy willows

which I scramble down the trash-strewn bank to snap

off, take inside, after my walk, to slip between grocery-store carnations–


Although it snowed today, the light beckons.


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